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Mythic Women News in 2024:

** 2021 ** Bad news. The payment processor I use went bankrupt. I won't be able to accept new subscriptions until that gets resolved. Sorry!

June 28th: I have moved the site to a new server. There may be a few glitches, but everything should be working fine in a few days. Some of the videos may not be available until a few days into July. Sorry for any inconvenience.

October 9th: Up in the dark reaches of my studio's loft a long-haired, curvy cutie is lurking topless. You need to see this!

July 22nd: A sultry barbarian babe wields a sword that is as curvy and exotic as she is. Join today and take a look.

May 14th: Glitter makes everything prettier! In the latest update, I've got a very pretty woman sprinkling glitter on her nude body.

February 23rd: I've got a lovely young woman locked in a cage that is suspended from the ceiling of my studio in today's update. Watch as she tries to escape.

January 23rd: A pale, red-headed, sword-wielding beauty is featured in today's update. She carries a fencing foil, and is shown in (and out of) fencing gear.

December 14th: A long-legged dungeon-dwelling wench wielding a blazing torch explores an underground vault in today's photoset. She wears a chainmail loincloth that I made, for a while at least, before ending up nude.

October 16th: Ivy Lee returns in an awesomely artistic nude shoot.

September 5th: I finally got around to uploading a new video today. It's a nice one, featuring a beautiful, long-haired, 18 year old blonde.

August 17th: A new model is featured in today's upload. I hired Helyn to model some of my chainmail for advertising purposes, but she looked so hot that I decided to upload some photos here for my subscribers to enjoy.

July 12th: I uploaded some photos from a recent artist showcase that I participated in. I brought some of my models and had them wear my chainmail outfits, much to the delight of the crowd.

June 11th: Busty, long-haired brunette Jessi June is guarding a castle wall in today's photoset. I've got her in a chainmail and rubber outfit, but she doesn't wear it for long.

April 12th: A red-headed elf maiden frolics in the forest in today's update. Carrying her trusty spear, she is ready for anything. She's not wearing much; just a metal loincloth. But she's out for an adventure in the woods.

February 28th: Today's update features a redheaded alchemist, at work in her laboratory. She is pouring a mysterious blue sticky liquid on her body. Fans of the wet-and-messy genre will like this one.

February 15th: I added a new movie review to the Fun Stuff page today.

January 22nd: Two nudes frolic on a staircase in my studio in today's update. I think you'll really enjoy this one.

December 30th: I wrapped a nude woman in plastic wrap; you get to see her cut herself out with scissors in today's update.

December 8th: I uploaded a set of photos of a new model wearing my chainmail (and also not wearing it). She is thin but very buxom. My chainmail didn't fit her very well, so I had to have her take it off halfway through the shoot. I don't think you'll mind.

November 19th: Today's update features 90 photos of a new model named Tiffany. She's chained to a bed and gazing at the camera with smoldering eyes. Come inside and check her out!

October 18th: In honor of Halloween, I've uploaded a semi-gothic nude shoot.

September 30th: Hannah Perez makes another visit to my studio, and the result is a delightful nude set.

September 19th: My hosting company will be doing some routine maintenance in the early morning hours of September 23rd. There may be some brief service interruptions.

September 9th: I uploaded another "sledge" video today. This one features Rebel, demolishing a TV set with a sledgehammer.

August 15th: A buxom, raven-haired beauty is perched on my studio swing in today's update.

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Professional models, amateurs, and even first-timers make up my ever-growing collection of heroines, damsels, and warrior women. I photograph them in unusual chainmail costumes that I make myself. And I also photograph them without the costumes! Stimulate your imagination. Come and explore the wondrous world of Mythic Women!

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Warrior woman on horse with spear
Missy and Hollis nude
Victoria Von Helkine
Tropic Treasure
Lydia - ready for destruction
Kylie Kohl in the forest
Xlcr Moon captured
Constance whipped
Inara - green girl
Magic portal nude
April in chainmail
B L A Z E with dagger
Theresa Manchester
Clayra Beau Viking Warrior
Missy Rhodes, beach
Female assassin on stairs
Xlcr in a leather outfit
Missy in a Brass Bra
Sexy Lexi
Briella sword mistress
Eva Lovia in metal bikini
Daffnie Kline in chainmail

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Ashley Master Thief
Slave Girl
Hollis Ireland, Celtic Queen
Warrior woman ready for action
Contemplative vixen
Curvy sword threat
Queen and her slave - Hex and Bear
Daffnie reclining in metal bikini
Hannah Perez chained
Woman at construction site
War axe
Eva Lovia
Briella fetish set
Yulianna on guard duty
Jessica and her Halberd
Fur bikini and morningstar
Dungeon Girls
Girl in Chains
Nude on a throne
Nude in jail, women in prison
Nubian warrior woman with scimitar

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Sorceress with magic staff
Ludella, topless priestess
Spear-wielder in chainmail
Blonde in chains
Cavegirl with dagger, loincloth
Rebel in manacles and chains
Ivy Lee, wrench wench
Jessi June in chainmail sash
Girl rolling in glitter
Nude on a swing
Leggy blonde in boots
Wall Breaker
Cameo guarding bridge
Hannah Perez chained up nude
Jessi June, nude with sword
Warrioress with polearm in loincloth
Exotic tan busty brunette
Caged imprisoned nude girl
Ivy on bed
Blonde girl with sword
Four point restraint
Hex Hypoxia and Bear.jpg
Girl swinging on chain
Green sorceress and her staff

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Egyptian priestess with ankh
Nude warrior woman with sword
Art nude
Miss CJ chained to a pipe
Eva Lovia with a spear
Princess Ivy Lee on her throne
Nudes with heels and curves
Jungle girl XLCR with spear and loincloth
Gold bodypaint
Kylie Kohl in body harness
Lane Elizabeth with swing
Long haired beauty
Nude in an ellipse
Kaya Danielle nude in a shower
Pure Rebel, slave auction
Raven haired beauty Hannah Perez
Missy Rhodes in rubber bikini
Chair suspended from ceiling
Tiffany in chains
Girl in treasure chest
Viking maiden Clayra Beau
Girl in the window
Wet and messy nude
Warrior woman with sword and boots