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  • Unique costumes, props, and backdrops made specially for this site.
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  • There's no hardcore porn. But there's lots of good, clean, wholesome nudity.
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  • You won't find a whole lot of pictures of girls in halloween costumes posing in someone's basement, like you find on some other websites.

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Here is a random sampling of some recent updates:

Priestesses in the temple

Two sexy priestesses in their temple prepare for their solemn ceremonies. Models Ludella and Nyxon are wearing chainmail stoles that I made.

Prisoner in a dungeon

A prisoner in the dungeon, stripped and manacled, awaits her fate. The luscious Hannah Perez is featured in this set of 55 breath-taking photos. She's wearing a loincloth I made from aluminum plates.

The Guardian of the Plains on her horse

The Guardian of the Plains rides her faithful steed across the grasslands, ready to strike with her mighty spear any who threaten the realm. I created the outfit using aluminum chainmail.

Nudes at a window

Two lovely nude ladies, one captor, one captive. They sit at a window in the castle wall, gazing at the landscape and at each other.

Lovely Eva chained to a column

A beautiful princess is chained to a column in a dungeon. She awaits her liberator and dreams of the reward she will give him. Fifty-eight photos in this set.

Blonde with Scimitar in Arabesque Arch

A gorgeous blonde guards an archway with her razor-sharp scimitar. Do you dare try to pass? The outfit, sword, and backdrop are all my handiwork.

Lexi in scale armor

Lexi poses in a scale mail bikini, armed with a halberd. Both the armor and weapon are my creations. More than 70 photos.

Hollis wielding an exotic sword

Supermodel Hollis is practicing her swordsmanship with a weapon I made. She's wearing one of my chainmail-based outfits (though the outfit does not stay on for long).

Elven girl

Elven model Theresa frolics in front of the skull icon. Seventy-seven awesome photos.

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