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Mythic Women News in 2014:

April 9th: Check out the preview video on page two!

March 27th: Two new professional models join my line up today: Ludella and Nyxon. They can be seen in my chainmail, and out of it as well.

March 13th: New video with a bit of a BDSM vibe goes online today. Entitled "Caning Constance", it shows some behind the scenes fun with a model who tells me she enjoys pain. I put her to the test.

February 17th: I uploaded a few bonus photos from last year's shoot with Brittany and her horse.

February 5th: A new model this week, but sorry, no costume. This one is all nude.

January 6th: A svelte model stands guard on a bridge, challenging any who would pass. But she takes a break from guard duty to bask in the hot summer sun.

December 28th: Today's update is an eight minute video of a sexy topless woman taking a sledgehammer to a portion of my studio.

December 19th: Uploaded a new photoset of a model who starts off with a chainmail bikini and a sword, but ends up with only the sword.

December 18th: Another movie review today. Check it out.

December 11th: I posted a new movie review on the links page today.

November 28th: A lusty, busty, sword-wielding wench graces my website this week. She's wearing a chainmail and silicone rubber outfit, but it doesn't stay on for long.

October 19th: Uploaded photos of a new model this week. She is wearing chainmail that I made.

October 12th: I don't have a fancy outfit for this week's lovely model. She's all nude, except for a set of shackles.

October 5th: This week's update features a beautiful young woman in a loincloth. Armed with a knife and her wits, she faces danger in a primeval forest. She manages to find time to get nude though.

October 3rd: I added a 10 minute video chronicling my shoot with a blonde bombshell named BeK. She poses as both a strong warrior woman and as a chained up slave girl, then tells me what she thinks of both shoots.

September 28th: Two superb art models grace my pages this week. They drape their curves on a new backdrop, and wear new silicone rubber outfits I made for them (for a while at least - then the outfits come off).

September 21st: What could be lovelier than a nude woman swinging on a swing? Not much, I think you'll agree, after you see this week's photoset.

September 14th: I've got a new model this week, a tall and lovely redhead. She's posing at an old abandoned farmhouse, wielding a spear and wearing some chainmail that I made.

September 7th: Brigitte and her horse return this week, roaming a sunny field and evergreen forest. She wears one of my hexagon-based chainmail bikinis, but I also have some great nude meadow nymph shots as well.

August 24th: Missy is back, wearing an awesome black silicone rubber bikini. She looks great in it, and out of it as well.

August 17th: A forlorn maiden is trapped in a spiral cage. Can you rescue her?

August 10th: A lovely priestess stands in the archway of her temple, awaiting the supplicants. She wears a chainmail stole, and not much else.

August 3rd: This week's model wields the dreaded "Staff of Blood", a magical item of great power. She is also dressed in one of my silicone rubber creations, although she also gets undressed in the course of the shoot.

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Professional models, amateurs, and even first-timers make up my ever-growing collection of heroines, damsels, and warrior women. I photograph them in unusual chainmail costumes that I make myself. And I also photograph them without the costumes! Stimulate your imagination. Come and explore the wondrous world of Mythic Women!

Warrior woman on horse with spear
Missy and Hollis nude
Victoria Von Helkine
Tropic Treasure
Lydia - ready for destruction
Kylie Kohl in the forest
Xlcr Moon captured
Constance whipped
Inara - green girl
Wall Breaker
April in chainmail
B L A Z E with dagger
Theresa Manchester
Clayra Beau Viking Warrior
Missy Rhodes, beach
Assassin on the stairs
Xlcr in a leather outfit
Missy in a Brass Bra
Sexy Lexi
Briella sword mistress
Eva Lovia in metal bikini
Daffnie Kline in chainmail

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Ashley Master Thief
Slave Girl
Hollis Ireland, Celtic Queen
Warrior woman ready for action
Contemplative vixen
Curvy sword threat
Queen and her slave - Hex and Bear
Daffnie reclining in metal bikini
Hannah Perez chained
Woman at construction site
War axe
Eva Lovia
Briella fetish set
Yulianna on guard duty
Jessica and her Halberd
Fur bikini and morningstar
Dungeon Girls
Girl in Chains
Nude on a throne
Nude in jail, women in prison
Nubian warrior woman with scimitar
Ivy on bed
Blonde girl with sword
Four point restraint
Hex Hypoxia and Bear.jpg
Girl swinging on chain
Green sorceress and her staff